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5 Brisbane Hotel Features

- Sofitel Brisbane
- Hilton Brisbane
- Emporium Brisbane
- Treasury Hotel Brisbane
- Stamford

Sofitel Brisbane, formally well established by Sheraton, is a visual feast. Experiences within an experience. A showpiece of hospitality and a heavy investment in interior design fees. While an ordinary brand in Europe, a Parisian implant in this part of the world will never be totally convincing. Still the concept is different and gives the young traveler a taste of it's origins. For the seasoned Hotel traveler, however, we all wait the return of those classic hotel traditions that don't need to be dressed up. If I were a Brisbanite, it would be one of my regular experiences.

The Hilton Brisbane will never disappoint you if you crave corporate efficiency in your hotel diet. Perhaps the building's exterior would be better in Cairo, but it's crisp, modern interiors compensate well. Corporate consistency that makes you feel good every time. Take me to the Hilton....

Brisbane's Emporium Hotel has a sense of Las Vegas about it. Bathed in the colour red, if you can find your way through the colour, an elegant boutique Hotel awaits in a very modern neighbourhood. A successful example of sharing space with a good neighbour running a good restaurant and bar. Modern construction techniques unfortunately don't create classic Hotel atmosphere which disappoints time and time again. However, if your looking for a modern, boutique Hotel experience, book me at the Emporium.

Brisbane's Treasury Hotel is a surprising combination of period restoration and warm, welcoming hospitality. Country folk will love it. The restoration of the Casino building, however, has totally lost it's way. Trying to be too many things and bereft of any Hotel atmosphere, the mere existence of guest rooms in this building has an instant Saloon feel. Casinos in former public buildings may work in Monte Carlo, but the Brisbane Casino would be much better relocated to a modern complex in a more dynamic location. Walk through the Casino areas and you are instantly overcome to take the 'first available exit'. It's an experience you are happy to be reluctantly walking away from, towards the calm, grace and elegace of the main Hotel building. The Hotel is impressive and becons you back, but relocate the Casino.

Brisbane's Stamford Hotel will always be a good choice with that location on the Brisbane river, an interface clearly a highlight. It's steely external architecture is well compensated by warm interiors with wonderful potential. Given enough capital resource over time it will stand the test of time. One of those great Hotels that can satisfy both corporate and liesure travel, with a location that will keep improving. Another good example of local neighbours complimenting each other. A courtyard that has super potential.